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Andreea Coman

Hello, I am Andreea, a Romanian and French artist and designer based in France. I’m specialized in textiles, but my art comes mainly from a love of materials. My main motivation: testing, trying and choosing the material that will best express my creative idea, and then work on it and transform it according to my sensitivity.

I love going to flea markets and conceive my compositions around unusual objects that I find. These are for me real treasures and they get this way a second life. But it is not only the renewal of the old… I also like to discover new materials, innovative and try to work them with traditional techniques to arrive at new forms of expression.


My Story

My artistic work and becoming is self-taught. During my childhood in Romania, I accompanied my grandmother for long hours in her work. She was a seamstress and knew all the textile techniques, a wealth of know-how: embroidery, weaving, patronage, sewing, crochet and knitting, she did it all! This is undoubtedly where the bases for my passion were laid.

Since then I have been working on different materials, sequins, feathers, yarn, lace, but also metal or stone, that I try to adapt to textile techniques for an original outcome. Doing is my way of learning: I touch, I feel, try, and above all, I persevere in trying up until I manage to express what I want to convey.


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